The Times  - 29 July 2020  - Text: Valentine Low.  

Mask Leaves Camilla lost for words

PHOTO: Chris Jackson - Getty Images

When the fashion choices of the royal family are subject to scrutiny, it is normally the younger generation’s frocks that bear closest examination (Valentine Low writes).


This time, however, it was the mask worn by the Duchess of Cornwall when she visited the National Gallery to celebrate it becoming the first big national art museum to reopen.


The Liberty-print mask, in a bold peacock design, was made by the couture designer Fiona Clare.


The mask was made as a one-off but will now be available to match Clare’s ready-to-wear collection, price £48. 

Also featured on the front page of The Telegraph...

The Telegraph  - 29 July 2020  - Text: Tamara Abraham, Fashion Editor.  

The Duchess of Cornwall joins the 'maskfluencers' as she walks to work in a printed face covering


Camilla set an example in a pretty peacock feather design

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