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Hello!  - 30 May 2019

The Duchess of Cornwall's designer tells us the pastel colours that suit EVERYONE 


The designer Fiona Clare says...

"Personally I think colour - whatever age, should be chosen to suit one's shape, style and personality," Fiona explains. "Pastel colours are stunning as long as the tone is right, champagne, dusty pink and powder blue are wonderful colours, and with some embroidery or a beautiful trim, on a perfectly cut coat or dress, you will have a classic piece you will love forever.” 

Cream Coat and Dress by Couture Designer

"Pastel colours are stunning as long as the tone is right" Fiona Clare

Fiona also has some advice about what to wear to weddings..


"Weddings these days normally run from day to evening, so I would always advise looking for investment pieces rather than just an outfit for a wedding. Spend a bit more on a beautiful dress and coat, think not only of a clean elegant look for the day, but consider each piece working on its own for future occasions, and working with other coats and dresses."

Navy Wool Coat and Dress by Couture Desi

Fiona Clare's dress coats are expertly cut

Fiona is extremely happy to be dressing the Duchess. As she says...


"At the stage I am in my career, there have been many highlights, but the day I received a call from Jacqui Meakin - HRH The Duchess of Cornwall's dresser - was a jewel in the crown!

I feel very proud to be one of her team and absolutely love creating for her, it is a wonderful feeling to see her in a photograph looking amazing."

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